Tech Sessions (at the Music Pier)

We are pleased to announce our Tech Session Presentations and Schedule for the Inaugural Boardwalk Reunion Presented by Porsche Cherry Hill!   All Tech Sessions will be at the Music Pier Auditorium located off Moorlyn Terrace right on the Boardwalk.

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM:  ‘James Dean’s 356 Speedster…Where is it?’ –  Noted author and renowned James Dean Historian Lee Raskin will discuss the discovery of James Dean’s long lost Porsche Speedster, the car he owned and raced before trading it in on his Porsche 550 Spyder during that fateful month of September, 1955.  If you like mysteries, skullduggery, Porsche Speedsters, or James Dean, bring your lunch and listen to Lee.

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM:    ‘356 and Early 911 Restoration Tales’  The Paterek Brothers – John Paterek, one of the world’s best Porsche restorers, will talk about his latest projects:  a 1958 Meissen Blue 356A coupe and a 1964/1965 early 911.  Both cars are full restorations and both have tales to tell for anyone interested in restoring their car.  John has done it all and seen it all when it comes to restorations, and is a regular at Tech Tactics since 1981.  Hearing John at Ocean City is a lot easier on the eyes and the pocketbook than Easton, PA.  Just sayin’.

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM:   “Classic Porsche Tool Kits’  – Jerry Manna, a Northern New Jersey Region member and a 356 Registry guy long before the most of the cars on the Boardwalk were built, is extremely well versed on all Porsche tool kits.    He’s covering down on kits ranging from early 356s to the 964s, as well as Boxster fun facts.   A tool kit is part of the provenance of any Porsche automobile.  If you don’t have one for your car, you need one.  If you don’t know what should be in yours, this is the expert to talk to.

3:00 PM -4:00 PM:  ‘”The Boxster through Time and Boxster Register Tech Quiz”    Pedro Bonilla, whose Boxster Board and tech advice is renowned in the Porsche Boxster Community, will explain the conception, introduction and evolution of the Boxster and its variant, the Cayman.   And, of course, he will open it up to questions if time permits.  The PCA Boxster Register will provide a short tech quiz immediately following Pedro’s presentation to all of its members and anyone else who owns or is interested in owning these fabulous mid-engine cars.  Tech quiz awards will follow at the Flanders’ Social.