2021 Tech Session #3 – “Anatomy of a Barn Find” – Adam Wright, Unobtanium, Inc. & John Paterek, PCA Tech Committee

2021 – “Anatomy of a Barn Find”Adam Wright, well-known purveyor of rare 356’s, 356 and vintage Porsche parts, and famous for his spectacular “Barn Finds”, will be joined by John Paterek, legendary 356 and early 911 restoration expert, sharing “stories from the vaults”.  Expect a fascinating presentation that describes the lucky breaks, careful planning, and sometimes surprising backstories to everyone’s dream… finding a rusty old Porsche in a dusty barn, hidden for years, and later finding out that it won Daytona… or was once owned by King Hussein…  Truth or fiction?


This 356 Coupe… as found….


Who knew it was a past Daytona winner??








This rusty old 911, as found….








Was purchased new by King Hussein of Jordan?