2021 Tech Session #2 – “Buying A Used Cayenne” – Peter Smith, PCA Tech Committee

2021 – “Buying A Used Cayenne”   Covering all models, you will learn what options to look for and which ones to forget… Learn how to get the best bang for your buck with so many Cayennes out there to choose from!

Peter Smith, Porsche Gold Meister Technician at Porsche Burlingame in Burlingame, CA is a member of PCA’s Tech Committee (Cayennes, Macans, Panameras).  With over 40 years as a mechanic, Peter has seen it all; he is an always interesting and charismatic speaker and we think you will enjoy his presentation!

Peter’s bio follows:

San Francisco Native and 60-year resident of San Jose, California,  Peter stated working as a mechanic at a foreign car shop when he was 17.   He later worked at Volkswagen and then Subaru, before finding an Audi dealership close to his home.  After a promotion, he moved over to Porsches, and has remained with the brand for 41 years.   Having met Bruce Anderson, the late Tech Committee Chair, he was recruited to the Tech Committee in 1999.

A member of Loma Prieta Region for 21 years, Peter has since transferred to the Sierra Nevada Region.  He calls the street legal GT1 his favorite Porsche, but he loves his 1994 Carrera 4 Wide Body.

Peter is a proud member of PCA who loves the cars, the people, the get-togethers, and all the fun at Parade and regional events.  When he’s not working, Peter spends time with his family cruising around in their boat on Lake Tahoe and hosting get-togethers at their new home in Reno.