FAQ’s – Have a question?  Contact Ellen or Bob using the contact tab!

10/15/21 – Can I get breakfast at the airport in the morning?

Unfortunately, no.  The Airport Diner is closed permanently.  Bring your own water, coffee, snacks, etc. because there are no food concessions at the airport.  Once your Porsche is in line, your car is in line until we move out at 11 AM.  We do have portable toilets, though!

10/14/21 – What if I am bringing a different Porsche than the one I registered?

No problem.  When you get your blank car placard at registration, just fill it out as appropriate with the new info!

10/12/21 – Can I still attend if I am not pre-registered?

Yes.  Walk-up registration on the day of the event will be available at $50 (cash) per car, until capacity.  Arrive at the airport between 8:30 – 10:00 AM.  The included beach bag and swag will be available to walk-ups until sold out.    Extra logo wear will be available for purchase at the boardwalk tent.

10/12/21 – Is the event held rain or shine?

Yes.  The weather is often unpredictable at the shore, and although it may say “showers in the afternoon or evening”, that could also mean “partly cloudy, partly sunny” – we will hope for the best, and have a good time regardless.  There are still a few days for things to change, and they will!

10/12/21 – What about the Tech Sessions?

Three great Tech Sessions will be held inside the Music Pier Auditorium (auditorium seating for 500), starting at 12:30 pm and ending at 3:30 pm – plan to include these PCA National Tech Committee speakers into your agenda!  The topics can be found under the Activities tab and should be quite interesting!  Join us, rest your feet, and learn something unique!

10/12/21 – If I am a “Walk-Up”, how does it work?

Drive in and park in line with everyone else, and as you walk up to the registration tables choose the one marked “Walk-Ups”.  Pay and fill out the form, sign the waiver, collect your car placard, goodie bag, flag and other cool stuff…. and rejoin your car and friends!  Remember, everyone who is driving OR riding in a car during the event MUST sign the waiver!

10/12/21 – I am attending but not driving my Porsche after all…can I still get my Goodie Bag and items at the event?

Yes, you can come to the airport between 8:30 – 10 AM and park outside the gate (do not drive in with the event cars), and walk in through the gate.  Go through registration like everyone else, but be sure to tell the registration worker you are not driving onto the boards.

10/12/21 – Who needs to sign the Waiver at Registration?

Everyone!  Everyone who is a driver OR passenger in a car driving to and onto the Boardwalk.  Please go to registration as a family group, so you can complete registration all at once and get your placard and goodie bag!

10/12/21 – I want to park with my friends, how do I do that?

With well over 300 Porsches, staging must stay organized.  The order in which you enter the airport tarmac staging area is the order in which you will park on the boardwalk.  Trust us, it is true.  If you want to park on the boards with your friends or club, you must gather together outside the airport (along Bay Ave or in a nearby parking lot) and enter in a line, to stay together.  The lead car should tell the yellow vest “greeter” at the entrance how many cars are in the group and he/she will be able to keep you together in line!

9/16/21 – Where will we be able to park trailers and tow vehicles?  Is it close to Staging at the Airport?

On the map below, trailer parking  (marked by a red bubble) is in the city owned lot on Shelter Road, off of Tennessee Ave.  It is a paved lot with lines, and adjacent to the Humane Society parking lot.  Please park in a way that allows access to others as well.  The OCNJ police know we will be parking overnight, and will be doing rounds to monitor the area.

The entrance to STAGING for the Boardwalk Reunion event is on Bay Ave, marked in orange as “Airport Diner”.  Please note:  the Airport Diner is CLOSED.  There will be no food/drink concessions available at the airport staging area.  There will be portable toilets available.


9/16/21 – Are discount tickets available for the theater production Beehive?

Why, yes, glad you asked!  🙂  Go to this link Beehive Tickets
and enter the code CARSHOW2021 for the discount price ($16)  Learn more about the show here

9/7/21 – What are the latest updates from OCNJ regarding the event?

Copied here is the email sent to all registered participants as of today, 9/7/21:

We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend! Boardwalk Reunion updates are as follows:

Ocean City, NJ and all local businesses are strictly following the guidance of the State of New Jersey for COVID-19 protocols. At this point in time, NJ’s Governor does not require masks or social distancing for indoor venues. https://covid19.nj.gov/faqs/nj-information/reopening-guidance-and-restrictions/how-can-people-safely-get-together-what-are-the-limits-for-indoor-and-outdoor-gatherings We will update you immediately if any of this guidance changes.

Per PCA’s guidelines, we have been and will continue to follow all local laws and regulations pertaining to COVID. Hence, masks will not be required to be worn at Boardwalk Reunion. You may choose to wear a mask at your own discretion, and it is recommended you do so if you are not vaccinated. Regardless, most of Boardwalk Reunion’s activities are outdoors, or in large, well-ventilated areas.

The Flanders Hotel employees are masking and following careful COVID protocols. The dinner/social will be a buffet with open seating (tables spread throughout the second-floor ballrooms). Bartenders, buffet servers and carvers will be masked and gloved. Extra tables will be set so that people can space themselves if desired, and reserved tables are available for groups of 8-12 people (email the registrar to reserve your group). The menu is set and available on the website – please contact the registrar if you prefer a vegetarian option or have food allergies.

The Music Pier will be hosting three Tech Sessions between 12:30 – 3:30 PM. Seating is auditorium style, with open seating in over 500 seats. The presentations will have professional Audio-Visual support from the Music Pier staff. There should be plenty of room for everyone to spread out. (Again- masks are not required, but are recommended for unvaccinated persons.)

Registration support:
To add banquet tickets or merchandise – please contact the Registrar with your request. The changes will be made for you, so that you only need to log back in to complete payment.
Trailer Parking – please contact the Registrar with your truck/trailer state & tag number, and you will be sent directions and a map. (Trailer parking is very close to the Airport and this will also be posted on the website.)
Refund Policy – Full refunds until 9/8/21, partial refunds until 10/1/21, no refunds after 10/1/21

Staging at the OC Airport – Porsches will be staged in rows/groups of 50 cars at the airport as you arrive. If you are part of a tour or club and want to stage as one group, you must arrive together and stage together to be parked together on the Boardwalk. Please contact the Co-Chairs if you have any questions about how this will work. Registration will be held at the airport, along with pickup of pre-ordered merchandise. Portable toilets will be available on site. Unfortunately, there will be no food concessions available this year at the airport. All drivers and passengers MUST attend the Driver’s Meeting at 10:30 AM. Porsches will begin departure under police escort at 11:00 AM.

A huge thank you to our Sponsors Porsche Cherry Hill and Hagerty – when you see them, be sure to thank them for this year’s awesome goodie bag and gifts!

Remember to check the FAQ’s for answers to your questions, and email if you need additional help!

See you in October!
Ellen and Bob


9/7/21 – Are there other fun things to do while in OCNJ for the weekend?

Yes!  The New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge takes place both days that weekend, and one of the locations is just 2 blocks off the Boardwalk on 4th Street.  Recently opened as a free museum with docents, this restored 1886 Life Saving Station is really unique and we enjoyed our visit there tremendously.  Check out the Challenge and the Museum websites:



Another evening option at the Music Pier is this theater production – we have not seen it ourselves, but it looks like fun!


(OCEAN CITY, NJ) — The Greater Ocean City Theatre Company Presents Beehive – The ’60s Musical at the Ocean City Music Pier.  The production runs across two weekends (October 8-9 and October 15-17). This is a wild toe-tapping, head shakin’ musical tribute to the rockin’ women who made the music of the era so special – everyone from Lesley Gore to Janis Joplin, from the Shirelles to the Supremes, Aretha Franklin to Tina Turner, and every woman in between!

9/2/21 – What will the seating be like at the Flanders Hotel Dinner and Social?  Are distancing rules in effect?

At this time, the State of NJ allows indoor dining with no restrictions on distancing for seating.  Masks are recommended for non-vaccinated persons.  We are offering the option of reserving a table at the dinner if you prefer to sit with your friends.  The minimum reserved table size is 8 people and can be up to 12 people.  If you are interested, gather up some friends and contact us with a group name for your reserved table!

8/27/21 – What are the latest pandemic protocols in OCNJ, and how will they affect Boardwalk Reunion?

We are meeting on Friday, September 2nd with the OCNJ officials, and with The Flanders staff, to discuss details and finalize arrangements for the event, including with regard to keeping the event safe for all participants.  As such, we are pushing back the deadline for full refunds a week, from September 1st to September 8th.  This will allow time for us to send out an email to all participants with any changes or new information, so that everyone can make an informed decision before the full refund period ends.  As always, please feel free to contact event Registrar Ellen Beck with any questions.

8/22/21 – What if we have a group that wants to park together on the Boardwalk?

The order in which cars are staged at the airport determines how they will line up on the Boardwalk.  Porsches will be staged (lined up) in pods of 50 cars, each with a pod leader.  Each pod will travel as a single file unit through the streets of OCNJ to the Boardwalk.  As cars go up the ramp, the line will be split in two, so that each pod will form 2 lines of 25 cars – side by side.  Pods will proceed down the boards and park at the direction of workers, with a 6 foot spacing between cars, nose to tail.  Each pod of 50 will occupy one Boardwalk block (for example: between 6th and 7th Streets).

Knowing this, if your club is planning a tour and wants to park together (or a registry such as the Boxsters wants to park as a group) you should contact Bob or Ellen with your intentions and the approximate number of cars coming. That way the staging team can prepare the staging area at the airport to accommodate groupings.  You should also plan to arrive together, to ensure you are in the same (or adjacent) pod.  There are several large parking lots where you can gather your group that morning – then drive together, enter the airport together, and stay together.  We cannot guarantee that late arrivals will be able to park with existing groups in the same 50-car pod (but will make every effort).

Please contact us with any questions!

8/8/21 – How many Porsches are expected to attend?

If you are already registered, you can log in to ClubReg and check the Main Roster under Boardwalk Reunion at any time for an update.  Registration has been open for a week, and we have just over 200 Porsches…. We expect a sell-out at 400+ Porsches!

8/3/21 – What’s happening with the Tech Sessions?

Starting at 12:30 PM on Saturday afternoon, you can attend 3 unique presentations from Porsche experts, held in the Music Pier Auditorium – free and open to the public. The Music Pier is centrally located, with scenic views literally over the water, and offers professional AV capabilities for our presenters in an auditorium setting.  Check out the Events and Activities page for full details!

8/2/21 – Some people have their PCA Region listed on the Roster…. how did they do that?

Log in and go to your Profile.  Select My Account and then Edit My Memberships.  Enter PCA, your Region, and your membership number and hit Add.  Your Region will be displayed based on your member number for every event on Club Reg going forward, and will change automatically if you move or change regions.  This is a nice feature, and you only have to do it once!

8/2/21 – Do you want to know if your other Porsche friends will be there?

Log in to your Club Reg dashboard, and find the Boardwalk Reunion event – look for the “Roster” on the right and click it (may take a few seconds to load).  There are 2 Rosters to select from on the drop down menu: one for the Boardwalk event and one for the Banquet & Social.  From these, you can also see how many Porsches and people are attending!

8/2/21 – What about waivers??

EVERY person participating as a driver or passenger needs to sign a PCA insurance waiver, which will be available on site at the registration tables where you pick up your packet.  PCA Covid-19 waivers are NOT needed.  There is no on-line capability to sign waivers in advance; this is because people’s plans change, and it is more sensible to only require waiver signatures from the folks actually attending the event.

8/1/21 – What if my family would like to bring 2 Porsches?

Great!  Registrations are by car, since we are limited in the number of vehicles that can fit on the boardwalk between 6th and 14th Streets.  Register each vehicle separately, associated with the name of the driver of the vehicle.  (The system will NOT let you use the same name twice for TWO registrations….be sure to make an account under the other driver’s name.)  Each vehicle receives a “goodie bag”.  Logowear, dinners, etc. can be placed under either or split between both registrations.

When will the Flanders Room Block and Registration for 2021 be available?

2/16/21 – The Room Block is now open.  Event registration is tentatively scheduled to open August 1, 2021.  Keep checking this website for updates.  We will also provide promo materials to PCA Regions and the 356 Registry to keep everyone informed.

What models will be featured in 2021? (2019 featured the 914’s for their 50th)

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Porsche’s first win at Le Mans in 1970 (2020) and the 50th Anniversary of Porsche’s Weissach Development Center (2021), the Second Annual Boardwalk Reunion is celebrating all Porsche Weissach Editions and Anniversary Editions.  Owners and cars from the following limited production model runs will lead the  Boardwalk Parade of Porsches and be parked center stage in front of the Ocean City New Jersey Music Pier:

1975 Porsche 911S Silver Anniversary Limited Edition
1980 Porsche 911SC Weissach Edition
1981 Porsche 924 Weissach Edition
1982 Porsche 928 Weissach Edition
1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 25th Anniversary Edition
2004 Porsche Boxster S 550 Anniversary Edition
2004 Porsche 996 40th Anniversary Edition
2014 Porsche 991 50th Anniversary Edition
2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Edition (dreaming)
2018 Porsche 991 GT2RS Weissach Edition
2021 Porsche 718 Boxster 25th Anniversary Edition

Read this excellent article on the history of Porsche’s R&D Center at Weissach 

2020 FAQ’s

Who are the photographers that contributed amazing photos to this website?

Kobus Reyneke, Jim Becker, John Novotnak & Ellen Beck – Thank you!!!

2019 FAQ’s…..

What time should I arrive?

Gates open for staging and registration at 8:30 AM and close at 10:15 AM promptly.  Driver’s meeting at 10:30, cars move out at 11:00.  With close to 300 cats to herd, things have to run smoothly and on time! 🙂

Trailer Parking – what are the details?

Note: This is 2019 information and subject to change for 2021.  We encourage everyone to drive their Porsche, there is limited trailer parking in the city owned lot on Shelter Road available for people who need to trailer their Porsche.  Please contact the Registrar to reserve your spot – first come first served.  The entrance to the event Staging location is at the “Airport Diner” on the map below (tasty breakfast too!)  .







What is the cancellation policy?

We hope you can make the event!  But if you must cancel, this is the policy stated on Club Registration.  Full refunds on the Boardwalk Reunion registration & all event options for any cancellations made on or before September 1, 2019. 50% refund for cancellations between September 1, 2019 – October 4, 2019. Sorry, but no refunds after October 5th, 2019.

What will the logo sweatshirts look like?

Navy blue with the logo in 3 colors, here is the image on a T-shirt.

Why are there so many photos of 356’s on the website?  Is it only for 356’s?

Good question!  This year, ALL Porsches are invited!  Last year, the 356 Registry held its annual Holiday event at OCNJ, and it was so cool to drive on the Boardwalk, that we decided to create an annual event where ALL Porsches have the opportunity to drive onto and park on the Boardwalk, literally right next to the beach and ocean.  So, for now we only have photos of 356’s, but look for YOUR car on the website next year.  🙂  Take lots of photos and send them to us!  BTW, the Corvette and Jeep clubs hold Boardwalk events each year too.

What is the maximum number of Porsches we can park on the Boardwalk?

We think we can fit 450 Porsches – we are allowed a section that is over a mile long and we will have 2 rows side by side down the middle of the boards.  Can we fit more than the Corvette Club?  We think yes.  🙂

Do I have to be a member of PCA or the 356 Registry to attend Boardwalk Reunion?

All Porsches and Porsche owners are invited to Boardwalk Reunion.  You do NOT have to be a member of any Porsche related club to participate.  The public is welcome on Saturday, October 19, 2019 to view the Porsches on the Boardwalk, and Ocean City is publicizing the event throughout the greater OCNJ area.  We expect a big crowd… last year’s event was featured live on Philadelphia’s morning TV news program!

What about clearance height for driving my Porsche up onto the Boardwalk?

We will drive up the ramp on 14th St. and down the ramp at 5th St.  The ramp angles are very gentle, and we have this comment from a NJ entrant with a track prepared GT3, who checked it out for us on a recent trip to OCNJ…”My ride height is a bit extreme (I am a PCA National Instructor) as there is only a 3.75″ clearance from the spoiler to ground in the front, so if I can make it probably anyone can.”  🙂

Where is registration and where should I go when I arrive in Ocean City?

Registration will open at 9:00 AM at the Ocean City Municipal Airport on Bay Ave, and closes at 10:30 for the Driver’s Meeting.  Drive directly there to pick up your packet and stage your Porsche.  Hagerty, our sponsor, will also be at registration with something for everyone!

What are the trailer parking arrangements?

See the Parking Tab under Accommodations, and yes, we will have a dedicated large parking lot with plenty of room for unloading and parking. There is plentiful on street parking (free) for your tow vehicle on streets surrounding the Flanders or other event hotels, or you can keep it in the trailer parking lot.  The local police are aware and will be keeping an eye on the lots we are using.  🙂

What else is there to do at Boardwalk Reunion?

The Porsches will stretch along the Boardwalk in both directions from the Music Pier – an historic concert hall built out over the beach and ocean (see photos on the website headers).  We have some exciting presentations happening (Tech Sessions to be Announced). The Music Pier will be the place to be – check out the great presentations, take a break, buy an event shirt or grill badge, and meet friends at the Welcome and Information Tent too. There is indoor and outdoor seating, bathrooms and and it will serve as Event Central.

Can I see who else is attending the Boardwalk Reunion, now that registration is open and I have registered?

Yes, if you log in to your Club Reg account, your “Dashboard” will appear.  Look to the right of your BR listing and you will find a button for “Roster”.  Clicking that will show the main roster of attendees.

What is the dress for the Saturday evening banquet and social?

The Social is casual attire, probably you will see a lot of Porsche logo wear!  This event is an add-on event at $60 per person, which includes open bar, food stations and dancing, and requires a wristband for entry (included in your registration packet if purchased).

Is Ocean City pet friendly?

Yes, in the off-season dogs are allowed on the beach but must be leashed and you must pick up after your dog.  Dogs are not allowed on the Boardwalk at any time.  The Accommodations page lists several lodging options that are dog friendly, however dogs are not allowed inside The Flanders Hotel.  Some local businesses and restaurants are pet friendly, including the Animal House Pet Store on Asbury Ave., which welcomes dogs.  Please be sure to check the rules when you are making any reservations.

Is our event on the 2019 calendar of events for Ocean City, NJ?

Absolutely!  Check out the full calendar of events to see what OCNJ has to offer – here is the link. The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and the town are very excited to host our event and are rolling out the welcome mat.

I’ve heard Ocean City is a “dry town”, is that true?

The Dinner and Social on Saturday night at The Flanders Hotel will include “adult beverages”, including wine, beer and mixed drinks.  While Ocean City is a “dry town”, which means that you cannot buy alcoholic drinks in restaurants or stores, drinks can be served at private functions, such as ours at The Flanders.  We plan to offer open bar hospitality at the Cocktail Hour and the Dinner & Dancing at the Saturday Social.  All of the suites at the Flanders have full refrigerators, and you may bring your own drinks for personal consumption, or buy them at liquor stores conveniently located on the mainland near the access bridges to Ocean City.

Is it true that Emily’s Restaurant at the Flanders is haunted?

Yes, check out the story at this link!  She is said to be friendly; maybe we will meet her during our stay.

Are there photos of the East Coast Holiday 2018 – Porsche 356 Registry?

Yes, here are Links to great videos and photos on youtube…

Boardwalk “Parade” Thank you to Brian Sullivan!

The ECH is on Bring a Trailer (BAT), a very popular national site for car auctions and cool cars in general.  It has a huge following.  Thank you Kobus Reyneke!


John Novotnak is a professional photographer who created a page of amazing photos for us, he is a longtime Porsche owner and enthusiast:

ECH 2018 OCNJ Photos/JohnNovotnak

Steve Witkowski has some great video and photos on YouTube at this link ECH2018/SteveWitkowski Thanks, Steve, you can hear the ocean in the background, and sounds of the boardwalk!

Here are some other links you might enjoy:

OCNJDaily.com – a great article and interviews from participants on the event, including sponsor Fernando Lopez!

Photos from Kobus Reyneke – Contact Kobus at kobus@reyneke.com if you are interested in higher res images of his photos; he is happy to share!  Kobus put together the Awards banquet slideshow at the Holiday using his photos and those of ECH photographer John Hearn.