2022 Tech Session #3 – “Photographing Your Porsche” – Dom Miliano, Internationally Published Automotive Photographer

2022 – “Everything You Wanted to Know About Porsche Photography But Were Afraid to Ask”  We will cover: Light, Cameras, Action, Getting Published, Being Safe at Race Tracks.

Dom Miliano has been photographing Porsches since joining PCA in 1976. His images and stories have been published in international magazines including AutoWeek, Panorama, Excellence, Forza, 000, Vintage Motorsport, Victory Lane, Prancing Horse, Cavallino, HudsonMOD, Vintage Road & Race Car, Bimmer, Roundel, and Sports Car International as well as several books on Porsche.   He’s long-time enthusiast, and has presented at many PCA Region meetings and several Porsche Parade Tech sessions  and Zone One Tech Tactics.

Dom is very excited to share what he knows about automotive photography at this year’s event!   Here’s a quote:  “We all love our cars so it’s not unusual that we enjoy taking pictures of them and sharing our creations with friends on social media or our local Region’s newsletter – maybe even with a national magazine. Alas, there are lots of common car photography mistakes (I have made them all) but fortunately there are easy to learn tips that will help turn that snapshot into a work of art. Please join me for an image-rich, information filled, chat about Porsches, photography and the state of today’s camera equipment. Plus, if you are lucky, you may even win a “door prize of some value” so I look forward to seeing you there!”