2022 Tech Session #1 – “Top 10 ‘Don’t Do’s” – Pedro Bonilla, PCA Tech Committee

2022 – Top 10 “Don’t Do” This to Your Porsche!








Pedro Bonilla of Pedro’s Garage in Odessa, Florida is a member of PCA’s Technical Committee (Boxsters and Caymans) and we are thrilled to have him back this year!

Pedro P. Bonilla
Odessa, FL 33556
(954) 385-0330


Pedro has been involved in motorsports for most of his life. He started as a small child accompanying his father to Club Races and Semi-Pro Races, where his Dad usually raced a Mercedes Benz 300SL (’57 Roadster or ’54 Coupe).

At age 16 he co-piloted and later piloted Rally (WRC) Cars in the Dominican Republic, racing on a regular basis and competing for the National Rally Championship for three consecutive years. From a very early age (7 years old) Pedro enjoyed racing karts and in 1973 and again in 1974 he won the National Karting Championship of the DR and went on to race at the World Karting Federation Championship. He then switched to Off Road Motorcycles and racing his beloved Kawasaki KDX 450, won the DR’s National Enduro Championship in 1982 and again in 1984.

The middle part of his life, except for getting married and having his three children, he says is a blur. That’s when he went to undergraduate school in Civil and Mechanical Engineering and later on to graduate school where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Management.  He had his own business for 15 years then sold it, moved to the US with his family, was hired by a large public corporation which he eventually ended up running, then resigned, formed another company, ran that one for 20 years and then “retired”.

Now, he says, is when the fun began, after retirement.

In 2007 Pedro had formed and still runs PedrosGarage.com, a firm dedicated to the Porsche Marque, which has developed multiple mods and upgrades for many Porsche models and offers a collection of DIY Projects, Tech Articles, and innovative products and services for Porsches.

He has published over 120 Tech Articles in dozens of PCA Newsletters and Porsche Magazines.

Pedro enjoys doing technical presentations and has been trainer and guest speaker for many national Porsche gatherings, such as the Blue Ridge Boxster Summit (BRBS), and the West Coast Boxster Fest (WCBF) among others.  He also does technical presentations at PCA’s TechTactics East, Tech Tactics West as well as at Porsche Parade every year.

In 2010 he had started PedroBoard.com, a continuation of the defunct Porsche Pete’s Boxster Board.

An avid AX and DE participant, as well as a PCA HPDE Instructor, Pedro also became a PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer working 5-6 Club Races every year.

PCA also invited him to the Tech Committee as the Resident Expert in mid-engined wasserboxers. For the past 10 years he has also been Chief of Tech for the largest PCA Club Race, The 48 Hours at Sebring.

Now, fully retired, but working 10-12 hours a day on (you guessed it) Porsches he lives with his wife of 45 years and his ’98 Boxster with 300,000 miles, in Odessa, FL.  His 3 kids and 5 grandkids also live nearby.

Life is good he says.