2023 Tech Session #3 – “James Dean’s Super Speedster, and Today’s Real vs. Unreal Porsche Universe – Lee Raskin, Internationally Published Author

2023 – James Dean’s 356 Super Speedster #80126, and today’s Real vs Unreal Porsche Universe.”

Lee will present updated information on the discovery of James Dean’s Speedster, plus he will discuss a new trend – bogus VIN stampings and fraudulent documents that are becoming more prevalent with restoration projects and item sales on media-based platforms.
Lee Raskin is a well-respected and educated figure in Porsche’s early production and racing culture. He has either crewed for or driven against legendary names in 356 competition lore.    Lee is known as one of the foremost authorities and author of several publications about James Dean’s life and tragedy.  Invited by Celebrities cable TV hosts and Podcasters, he has been essential to those in search of answers about James Dean’s Porsche 356 Speedster and 550 Spyde.
Lee is meticulous and pragmatic when it comes to protecting and validating the facts surrounding James Dean’s racing legend and Porsche ownership that ended tragically in 1955…which earned him an honorable role with the James Dean Family and Estate.
Lee has authored and co-authored acclaimed publications, such as James Dean: At Speed, James Dean On The Road To Salinas, Pink Pig Porsche: Truffle Hunter of Zuffenhausen, and Porsche Speedster TYP 540: Quintessential Sports Car, where he celebrates Hollywood elite’s love for the Porsche brand.   Lee has appeared on the History Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel,  ABC-TV, and on the BBC Channel over the decades.
Lee’s spirit embodies many of his ambitions to seek out the intersecting psychologies of others that resonate in Porsche caretakers and drivers of his kind.  He is a 50+ year member of the Porsche Club of America, and is also a Trustee and  Contributing Columnist of the Porsche 356 Registry.  He currently is involved in the pre-production of several full-length film projects, including an AI, fact-fiction story surrounding James Dean’s mysterious return to Earth.